The Ultimate Nail Diagnosis Guide

While most men couldn’t care less about the state of their nails, there’s no doubt that this is completely not the case for women. Instead, the condition of nails will make or break a female’s confidence and it’s for this reason that manicures have proven so popular over the last few years. However, just like every other part of the body, nails are highly susceptible to damage and problems. Most of the time, nail varnish will mask any obvious issues, but it’s always advisable to get to the root of the problem and keep your nails in tip-top shape at all times. For this reason, we’ve detailed some of the most common issues that are reported within nails and highlighted what you can do to stop the problems occurring. You can visit this site to get more information about it.

Nails that bend backwards at the tips

If you’ve noticed that your nails tend to be almost spoon-shaped at the tips and bend backwards, there’s a big chance that an iron deficiency is a cause. This is actually one of the few conditions that do not require expensive cosmetic treatment or product and by simply increasing your iron intake, by eating foods such as red meat and nuts, the problem should resolve itself.

Pale nails

Pale nails can actually be a sign associated with a serious health issue, with anaemia or kidney problems often to blame. If you think that your nails are paler than they should be, it’s recommended to visit your doctor rather than your local beauty salon as this is likely to be related to a problem in another part of your body.

Yellow nails

This usually occurs in toenails, with the end of the nail tending to be the area which discolours. Again, a medical condition is usually the reason behind the problem and most doctors will advise you to take an anti-fungal medicine, with fungal infections often to blame. Unfortunately, the nature of fungal infections means that these do not go away quickly and your nails may have that yellow tint for months to come.

Skin peeling around the nails

This is arguably one of the most common problems in our list. Practically everybody will have experienced that frustrating, painful and unappealing problem of the skin around the sides of the nails peeling. This is actually classed as ‘hangnails’ and can occur for a range of reasons. Dry skin is usually the principal cause, although some beauty salons will use questionable products during manicures which can also be the source of the issue. Therefore, it’s always advisable to source a reputable beautician and if you click here, you can get a decent idea of the best products and treatments that should be used on nails to avoid this condition.

Split nails

This can also be caused by a bad manicure, or by a lot of products around the home that are simply too harsh to be exposed to your nails for long periods of time. Washing up liquid is a prime example and is often the cause and if you try to wear gloves, or change the brand, you might notice a considerable improvement.