Why Overcoming Fear Should Be Done

They say that while people continue to grow, we also develop skills that can help us adjust in life. There were definitely times when our scary teachers glare at us and we just want to pass out. Looking back to those experiences, laughing at how innocent our minds were is what tends to happen. But there are things that are very hard to conquer. It is understandable that overcoming fear is not simple.

Fear of heights, tight spaces and water are examples of common fears. Other ones are related to social gatherings, traumatic experiences and many more. There are more numbers of fears that are not given names yet. Whether there is a name or not, conquering them is a tough condition.

A researcher said that some of our worries are results of past experiences that left a huge mark in our brain. It was a situation that was not dealt and is continuing to grow through time and added similar situations. This extreme feeling can actually be hazardous to mental health.

There is a purpose why you are reading this piece of writing. You are perhaps looking for ways to fight your anxiety. Let me tell you that there is hope. One way of defeating fright is by facing your fears. Avoiding them can only make you even more scared. Taking this step little by little is what is best for you. If your body starts to tremble while looking down from the ninth floor of the building, step back a little but do not run away from it. If it really is necessary to look down again, then do it.

Imagining the worst may also be of great help. Sometimes, the anxieties we have are cause by expecting too much. Doing the latter can give you courage and the feeling will be gone.

There will be results of your panic. That is normal. Breathe through it. Breathing can stabilize your heartbeat and the cycle of your blood. Through this way, your mind can think through what reality is and what is not. Also, sometimes you have to feel the panic that your heart is experiencing to understand how your body reacts to the command of your brain. The next time you notice the same panic, you will know how to control yourself.

Let us say you are trapped in a tight space room. Thinking about the situation will not help. It is best to close your eyes and think of things that make you happy. Eventually, help will come and you will be free from it.

According to research, our immune system can get weakened by fear. Diseases like gastrointestinal problems, decreased fertility and cardiovascular damage are the possible effects of the latter. Worse conditions are premature death and accelerated ageing. These reasons should be sufficient to start defeating your phobias.

Theories are only realized when practiced. Achieving something great takes determination. No one said that the things mentioned above can be achieved in one try because it is impossible. But taking things little by little will make a big impact when summed up.