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High Fiber Bread Delicious and Nutritious

As the food is increasingly processed and mass-produced, bread has become less nutritious. White bread has removed all the vitamins and nutrients the equation because white bread is made only with refined flour.

This refined flour also lacks the fiber necessary for the glycemia and the digestive system to be properly regulated.

Mass production of these bread often requires the addition of hydrogenated fats that can lead to heart disease. This, combined with other additives and preservatives, makes the white bread healthy and unnatural.

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The good news is that high-fiber, multigrain and pita bread are healthy and nutritious.

Browse the bakery section of your supermarket or bakery and you'll find plenty of fiber-rich options in addition to white bread. Any bread or rolls labeled "wheat", "rye", "multi-grain" or "pumpernickel" indicates the use of unrefined flour.

In addition, some white bread will also be labeled as "whole grains". These white loaves were cooked with white flour that still contains leftover grains or nutrients were added to the flour mixture.

In an effort to follow this high-fiber diet, mass-produced white bread manufacturers have begun to offer fiber-rich alternatives to their usual bread product line. Although these bread has improved fiber content, many still contain high levels of preservatives and chemicals, unlike freshly baked bread.

In addition, high fiber bread generally have a very different consistency, with thicker crusts than processed white bread.