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Finding the Right Child Care Provider

Once you find a childcare center for your child, you will want to know some details about your childcare provider that will help you feel more comfortable leaving your child in the new environment. Here are some personality traits that you must keep in mind as soon as you make the decision to educate your child outside the home.

The certification                                                                     

Just as colleges and universities must be accredited, the childcare provider you choose must be certified to teach all age groups of children attending the facility.

Childcare is more than just feeding children and putting them to sleep, so you must ensure that the childcare provider you choose has a certified instructor to teach children the basics of education depending on their age group.


Not only must you ensure that these items are not dangerous within the reach of your children, but professionals at the daycare centre must be able to provide CPR to your children if something happens.

There must be a first aid kit in place so that the care professional children can repair any cuts and scratches that your child may get while playing.

There are often swimming pools and playgrounds in several daycare centers, and you need to make sure you can leave your children in a place where your children will be cared for – no matter what.

Healthy social environment

Ask your childcare provider if you can spend a day observing various classes and activities that might be provided for your child.

You can also see how well your child is making friends, or whether your child is comfortable or not in certain parts of the day when various educational concepts are being explored.