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What Is a Halo Cut Engagement Ring?

The halo cut engagement ring is one where the middle stone is surrounded by borders, usually but not always arranged with smaller stones. In this simple definition, there is room for many variations, and the halo cut design is used to make rings with many different displays.

Because of the various possibilities available with this design, it really has something to offer to all tastes. The aim of halo cuts is to emphasize central diamonds.

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Whether it's rock or not, this border can be any shape and while the circular border is most common for halo cut engagement rings, there are also some with rectangular, oval or heart shaped borders.

Diamonds in a cut halo engagement ring are usually in a style called "cushion cut," because the stones of this shape look very good when placed side by side.

The cut of the cushion allows several variations in appearance depending on the arrangement of the sides and the level of rounding at the ends. There is no more beautiful design for engagement rings other than diamond borders, cut into a smaller cushion that surrounds the larger ones.

When diamonds are arranged close together so that they form a continuous layer on top of the metal, they are referred to as "pave sets." The word pave means the same thing as an English word but pronounced "pah-vay."