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The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods

Have you ever noticed the size of green peppers today? In fact, when you walk through the produce aisle you might be impressed with how fruits and vegetables look shiny, colorful and bigger than life. But did you know that unless you specifically buy organic-labeled food most of the food in the production aisle has been genetically modified?

Also called recombinant DNA technology, this practice changes the genetic makeup of the organism's nucleus. This genetic manipulation gives scientists the ability to create whatever properties they want – naturally from unnatural.

Simply put, GM foods are foods grown from seeds whose DNA are genetically altered. An example of gene change is the insertion of Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) into the seeds.

These GMO foods contain many dangerous chemicals which will cause many health issues. There are some lawyers who are working to help people who are suffering from illness due to these GMO foods. They help them to get some financial compensation.


If you or your family member is also suffering from diseases due the use of GMO products then you can also contact roundup lawyers to file a case against them. You can search for roundup lawyers through www.monsantorounduplaw.com/phoenix-roundup-cancer-lawsuit.

What is the role of agribusiness in all this – certainly not an altruistic one? The giant corporation Monsanto is at the forefront of this problem. Monsanto is the largest producer of hybrid seeds or GM.

Monsanto currently patents seeds that limit farmers from using any seeds other than their seeds. The real farmer has been sued by Monsanto for doing the opposite.

GM technology crept through the door years ago when the government mandated the FDA to promote biotechnology. The man who was appointed to lead the indictment was actually a former Monsanto lawyer.