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Tips for Maintaining Your Car Paint

Very few people know how to care for their car paint. Almost everyone will always wash and dry their cars. Sometimes when they feel that they need it to look good, they will make it a wax.

This article describes the right steps in maintaining your car. You can use bumper protector film to protect your bumper of the car.

The following steps take a previously dirty car from cleaning to protecting.


Washing is the thing we know best. Because washing is intuitive, we think that the main way to protect our car is to wash it. Although this can be rather true, washing actually removes the clear coating for the car that has it.

Washing your car is only the first step among the four discussed here. Step 2, Clay Bar confuses many people.


Clay Bar

Claying cars will be difficult for anyone who is not familiar with the details of the car to put together. Indeed a lot of confusion occurs when the clay bar must be used.

Clay Bar is intended for use after washing. They work by cleaning paint from imperfections. Contaminants that are not removed by washing can be effectively removed with clay sticks.


Polishing may sound like the last step in maintaining your paint, but it really isn't. People may mistakenly think polishing is the process of making a car sparkle or shine.

Polishing is also responsible for removing vortex scratches in the form of spider webs that damage the layers of the car.


The final step in maintaining the paint of your car is waxing. Waxing is a process of protection. Wax creates a layer of protective material that acts as a shield. You can think of this as an extension of the skin for your car.